Greg Kesich’s July 5 column is excellent. It reminds all that brilliant ideas can emerge from imperfect people. Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves, did help plant the seeds of liberty. How strange, but true.

But has Mr. Kesich unwittingly dismissed a major concern? He states: “Most of the Declaration is made up of a list of specific grievances against the king of England, which don’t have a lot of relevance to the present day. (When’s the last time someone tried to quarter troops in your house?)” Every day! The military-industrial complex “quarters” itself in our heads and in the election campaigns of many puppet politicians.

In 1961, President Kennedy activated the Air National Guard into the U.S. Air Force because of the Berlin Crisis. About 148,000 ended up in Europe to face the Soviet Union. I was stationed in Northern France, a few hundred miles from Berlin. Trying to read a French newspaper, I saw on Page 12 a small article about the Berlin Crisis while American media screamed 24/7 about war. This was the first time I experienced America’s fog of war hysteria.

Today it’s a thousand times worse. Why? War’s exciting for those who don’t fight. War news sells and indoctrinates, making killing not only acceptable but “patriotic.” Constant warfare endangers America. We grow broke morally and financially for the war machine.

We the people are ultimately responsible for our freedoms. Tell Congress to take back its constitutionally required authority to declare war. The last time Congress declared war was in World War II! If Congress won’t do it, vote them out of office.

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