Democrat Joyce “Jay” McCreight, the current state representative for Harpswell, West Bath and northeast Brunswick (District 51), has served Maine well.

Most recently, her bill to ensure that schools treat mental and behavioral health absences the same as other health-related absences became law in February. Before that, the Legislature passed her bill to help lobstermen maintain their licenses and income when stricken with major medical conditions. She sponsored a bill that gives municipalities support in operating their own broadband services – a critical issue for areas that lack internet service.

I would endorse her re-election based on her legislative record alone, but I also have a personal reason for supporting her. Recently an acquaintance of mine had trouble getting pandemic-related unemployment benefits and couldn’t get through to the Maine Department of Labor. We reached out to Jay, who responded immediately with an offer to help.

Her generous response speaks to her connection to her community and readiness to go to bat for people in need. She has shown herself to be an able and caring legislator. We cannot do better than to re-elect Jay McCreight.

Anne Childs
West Bath

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