Vote McCreight

We are living in incredibly stressful times. Never in my 75 years has our country had to confront daily a deadly pandemic, severe unemployment, school and day care uncertainties, and people taking to the streets to protest racism in our law enforcement institutions.

All of us, especially our more vulnerable youth, are experiencing circumstances that can cause extreme emotional distress. For too many, whether they are suffering from paralyzing anxiety and depression, substance use or mental health disorders, the assistance they need is unavailable or unaffordable. Historically, our society has viewed mental health issues as secondary to those affecting our physical health.

Thankfully, health care professionals and policymakers have been addressing this disparity. In Maine, a leading advocate for improved mental health services is our representative, Joyce “Jay” McCreight. Jay is running for re-election to the state legislature. During her six years of service, she has been a champion for improving mental health services, especially for school-age youth.

Jay authored legislation, which was signed into law, to require that care for mental health, substance use and substance use disorder are treated in Maine’s public schools as excusable absences the same as physical conditions. She also was the sponsor of the law to promote Youth Mental Health First Aid Training, ensuring that health care teachers are up to date on mental health issues and the necessary resources available to students.

As the Legislature-appointed Chair of the Opioid Task Force, she led a six month, bipartisan, comprehensive study of the opioid epidemic that resulted in recommendations for prevention, treatment and recovery. She was also the leading advocate of a successful effort to create a task force to address prevention of substance use in the state’s youth.

Jay has been an extremely effective legislator on mental health and many other issues, working with her colleagues from both parties to bring a better life to her constituents and all residents of our state. That is why I am supporting her re-election and hope you will join me in voting for Joyce “Jay” McCreight.

Jerry Klepner,

Presidential requirements

In this Labor Day season, 2020 we, the US voters are locked in a titanic struggle over our two competing teams of presidential and vice presidential candidates. Many angry arguments can be heard every day on TV. To the average guy – like me, it seems that neither side wants to give an inch: no compromise, only victory is acceptable. I therefore wish to offer a list of presidential requirements that could be acceptable to all, or by most, fair-minded people which I firmly believe the American voters are. After all, in less than two months we will all have to live with the winning party. We had better be ready to do some compromising. Here are my hopes for our new president :

1. Have a solid plan for handling the pandemic; get scientific approval.
2. Build a solid economy; plenty of jobs for all.
3. Install and train tough but empathetic police programs.
4. Respect and honor all members of armed forces – living or dead.
5. Never kowtow to foreign leaders – scold them when it is needed.
6. Never disrespect handicapped individuals.
7. Peaceful protesting is fine; property or human wreckage is not.
8. Tell the truth always; if an error is made, promptly admit it.

Mark Biscoe,

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