I was so saddened and disappointed to learn Edgar Allen Beem no longer appears in The Forecaster. The paper has been a wonderful source of local news and happenings since we moved to the Midcoast, just as a local weekly had been a similar source where we previously lived. The Forecaster was far superior because it offered thought pieces from various perspectives from Beem to Balentine. (Alas, the acerbic, hilarious, thought-provoking articles by Al Diamon stopped a while ago.) Now all that’s left is the propagandist John Ballentine. The phase “… Democrats’ politically contrived issues of climate change and racial injustice” appeared in the most recent edition, for example. Guess he hasn’t heard about the historic fires on the west coast nor George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Philando Castille and over 160 others shot by police in 2020, and it is still September. Fact check anyone or has this paper been sold to someone name Murdoch? At the very least, The Forecaster should expand the title of Balentine’s column to “Here’s Something from the (Political) Right.”

Bill Bannon