Trump’s words on COVID appalling

“Don’t be afraid of it… You’re gonna beat it…We have the best medical equipment, the best medicines…” The words of Trump as he spoke to the public. Over 2000,000 Americans have not “beaten” it. Is it possible that many of them didn’t have access to the “best medical equipment, the best medicines”? Is it possible that they didn’t have a team of doctors, a hospital bed, a clean, safe place to recover, and a job that provided insurance, or even a paycheck, while they were sick? Unlike Trump, who has all of this, at the expense of average Americans who, unlike him, pay a fair share of income tax to keep our country running.

The arrogance, insensitivity, and self-centeredness of this ludicrous performance is appalling. Listen to his words and think. Do you really want this person to continue to influence our country and the world? Elections are a few weeks away. Please think.

Ruthanne Harrison,

Vote Tepler

As the mother of three young children, I have a few worry lists going. I have a global worry list (at the top: inescapable climate disasters and disruptions); a national worry list (tied for top place: toxic social injustice and the threat of school shootings — did you forget about those? I haven’t); not to mention a house worry list (the crack in the garage concrete definitely is getting bigger, despite the husband’s denials.)

It’s not often something is removed from the worry list, but my state list had a major worry removed last March when 72.8% of Mainers voted to uphold L.D. 798, which was designed to reduce community exposure to diseases with readily available vaccines. That sensible measure, championed by civic leaders like my town representative, Denise Tepler, tempered the threat of individuals making unscientific choices infecting our communities, and I was proud 80% of my fellow residents of Topsham supported the science of vaccines.

In 2020, my worry lists have grown to the longest yet. Chaos reigns in Washington, which directly weakened CDC’s ability to use science and policy to halt COVID’s spread. COVID threatens my 72-year-old mother’s weak lungs, has disrupted prime years in my children’s development and education, and has left me working from home, while trying to keep my kids busy and the crack in the garage floor from growing bigger.

However, I see hope, at least in Augusta, thanks to the leadership of my town representative, Denise Tepler. Unlike her opponent (an anti-vaccine activist whose entire political experience to date is campaigning for that failed referendum), Denise stands for science, sensible public health policy, and the recommendation of experts like Dr. Shah. I’m proud to support Denise; I know she has the interest of my whole family. In this time of uncertainty, she is a level-head who models respectful, fact-based, community leadership.

Margaret K Myall,

Vote Arford

I have known Poppy Arford for 20-plus years. Our daughters were in the same classes and sports together from a young age and did plenty of carpooling in our time and therefore I have witnessed Poppy’s dedication to a great many things involving her family and the community as well. She has a great passion for helping people and will not rest until she has done her very best. I recently registered as a Democrat in the primary just so I could cast my vote for Poppy because I believe she is the right person to fill the seat for the state representative for District 49. Please join me in voting for Poppy Arford in the election in November as she surely will get the job done!

Cathy Carlton,

Leave political signs out of nature

While I am skeptical that political signage changes many minds, I understand it is part of the election process. There are limits, thankfully, to where it can be placed. Recently a political flag appeared on Center Pond in Phippsburg. The pond, which is enjoyed by many, both on the water and passing by, is under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. It is their understanding that there is no prohibition to such signage unless it is more than 200 feet from shore. While legal, I would ask the person who put the flag there to remove it, regardless of political belief. Intersections, yards and medians will be awash with signage for the next month. Please, let’s leave the natural world out of it.

Helen Richmond Webb,

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