Two experienced legislators are running for the Maine House seat representing District 10, which includes Arundel, Dayton and part of Lyman.

Democratic Rep. Henry Ingwersen is a retired teacher.  Wayne Parry is a lobsterman and former legislator.

Here are their answers to questions about a series of issues.


COVID-19: Maine has done a good job balancing public health and economic health. We have very low COVID positivity rates and though the economy has suffered, Mainers are slowly returning to work.

State budget: The best way to fix our budget is to help small businesses and working Mainers recover. We’ll need to use our reserves and find savings that don’t impact services such as health care and education.

Young Mainers: What I want the next generation of Mainers to know is that their vote matters and their voice and political involvement can make a big difference in making a better future for Maine. Maine needs you!

Frustrated with political fighting? Yes, and I will personally do what I’ve always strived to do as a state representative — listen to and work hard for all of my constituents regardless of their political party. We improve our world together.

Goals: If re-elected, I want to work to help our small businesses, working Mainers, and schools recover from the pandemic, and not just recover but become more resilient and stronger.


Are you satisfied with the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes, at the very beginning, because no one knew what we were dealing with. But soon after, common sense was lost. If Walmart could open with 100 people, why couldn’t a small business open with five or 10?

State budget:  Decrease expenses. Gov. Janet Mills and Democratic Legislature spent almost a BILLION dollars extra in the last budget and we are still borrowing for roads. People have paid enough. Tax and spend must stop.

Most pressing issue for young Mainers: Quality jobs here in Maine. Good jobs so they can stay here and support a family. We must have a friendly business climate, if we don’t, there will be very few quality jobs for the next generation.

Frustrated with political fighting? YES, the problem today is there are too many, what I call 100 percenters. People expect you to agree all the time, that’s not possible. One thing I have always done is listen and will continue to do that.

Goals: We must sustainability fund our transportation system. Raising the gas tax is not it. This last budget cycle was the perfect time to properly fund our roads, but the Legislature and governor failed.