Elect Erin Sheehan to Maine House District 12

To the editor,

In, dare I say it, an unprecedented time, there is no doubt that Erin Sheehan is the right person to represent District 12 in the Maine State House. Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. As a small business owner in Biddeford, she knows first-hand the passion it takes to run a community-based venture, and the visceral toll the pandemic has taken on our cities and towns.

Erin’s named priorities are the ones we need represented at the State House: creating more affordable housing, ensuring accessible healthcare, and creating increased economic opportunity. While these are perennial issues, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief how many of us live much too close to devastation in one if not all of these categories. As I have worked with her in a variety of community contexts, Erin never ceases to demonstrate the ability to respectfully address differing viewpoints, and create satisfying solutions to difficult problems.

In all she does, Erin exemplifies hard work, compassion, and ingenuity — all attributes we desperately need in our leadership. Erin is also a creative and investigative thinker — always seeking new and expansive ideas that can confront the challenges we face. As voters head to the polls, either by mail, early vote, or on Nov. 3, I hope they will join me in voting for Erin Sheehan to represent Maine District 12.

Stephanie Edwards

Re-elect Lori Gamlich as state representative
To The Editor:

This is a letter in support for Lori Gramlich who is running for re-election to be our State Representative from Old Orchard Beach.

Lori represents us in a hard working, intelligent, and productive manner, and cares about all members of our community. Lori has been effective in getting us our greater share of State funding for local needs, such as an increase in municipal revenue sharing for Old Orchard.

Rep. Gramlich knows how to get things done in Augusta from her work as an advocate there and in working in the public policy arena in Maine for nearly 35 years.

The productive work accomplished by Lori Gramlich stands in sharp contrast to her opponent who sponsored three bills in her one term, whereas Lori sponsored 15 bills. The legislation Lori sponsored included measures to protect our beaches and shoreline, drinking water quality, and getting focused medical care to help solve the opioid crisis.

Lori knows how to work with people of different persuasions, while her opponent has a history of alienating those with whom she disagrees. In her last term on the Town Council, Lori’s opponent was removed from office.

Please join me in supporting Lori Gramlich for State Representative with your vote. She has a history of working collaboratively on Town issues and within the Maine State House, which is exactly what Old Orchard needs.

Scott Tucker
Old Orchard Beach

Guy Fontaine for OOB Town Council

To the Editor:

Guy Fontaine is the best candidate for Town Council in Old Orchard Beach.

Given the events of the past year, and the devastating impact on tourism and our community, the town will need to make some well thought out changes in order to not only survive, but to flourish in the years to come.

Guy is a lifelong resident of the town. He graduated from OOB High School, and then became one of the youngest licensed Master Electricians in the area. He has served our country and community — during his 34 year career as an Electrical Systems Manager at the Department of Defense, Guy was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal from the Secretary of the Navy; he served 21 years as a Reserve Patrol Deputy for the York County Sheriff’s Department, and three years as an OOB Police Department Special Police Officer.

For the past several years, Guy served as both the Chair of the Ballpark Commission and the Operations Manager for the Park. His love for the town, particularly the development of our youth, was evident to everyone while he was in these roles.

Guy loves this town — he takes an active interest in issues that impact the community — it is rare not to see him at open meetings. His positivity is infectious – he always has a warm smile and an optimistic “can do” attitude. When faced with adversity, Guy has the courage to stand up for what he believes is right — and he will do the same for all of us.

Challenging times are ahead — vote for Guy Fontaine for Town Council — he will work hard to do the right thing for Old Orchard Beach.

Kathleen Veer
Old Orchard Beach

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