Brunswick clerk, staff make voting easy

I am writing to thank the Brunswick Town Clerk and staff and volunteers for the suburb job they are doing to make voting in the Nov. 3 election as easy as possible.

We received our requested ballots by mail, filled them out, and I took the ballots down to the Brunswick Town Hall this morning. I decided to go inside to deliver the ballot for myself and my husband by hand. The space is well organized and well marked. There are plenty of stations and voting booths set up and very friendly folks to help and to answer any questions.

An excellent set up on all counts. I urge folks to take advantage of the well-organized system in place in Brunswick for early voting and vote soon.

A safe, easy way to carry out our duty as responsible citizens.

Kudos again to the Town Clerk’s office.

Nancy D. Bliss,

Vote Arford

I expect a lot from our elected officials: committed public service, honesty, compassion, comprehending complex issues, grit to make hard choices. After over 20 years, I know Poppy Arford has all that. But Poppy’s persistence is the quality that will make her a standout Representative for Brunswick.

Poppy thoroughly and strategically pursues whatever she does. When our kids were grammar school classmates, Poppy was the parent who not just committed, but delivered. In working with her since, her follow up is legendary. Poppy applies her cheerful persistence to get things done, previously as a Town Councilor, and in subsequent initiatives furthering public health and environmental policy.

Poppy does not merely understand the issues and hold the values Brunswick stands for, she persists. Brunswick needs that in the halls of Augusta, where plenty of people have good ideas. Those who shape our community and our future go further, by doggedly representing our interests, whether it’s school funding or climate change.

Poppy Arford will represent Brunswick well.

Jackie Sartoris,

Vote Lyons

I don’t vote party, I vote for the right person who will get the job done for the good of all people.

Over the last 24 years I have seen that quality in Ruth Lyons. She works hard to give the citizens of Topsham a voice.  Ruth listens and reaches out to help us, just as she did in the town office for years. I respect and trust her to have the best interest of our town and people.  She has my vote. Think about it, pray about it, and then vote.

Bonnie Wheeler,

Vote Horch

Fred Horch is running to represent District 49 in the Maine House. I’ve known Fred for nearly 20 years. We met after we both moved to Brunswick at a neighborhood party, and we’ve been friends ever since. I know my experience is typical; Fred is the definition of approachable, and I’ve observed how he engages in conversations with nearly everyone he meets with sincerity, thought and an open mind. He’s a good listener—a fine skill to have as an elected representative.

I’ve also observed Fred’s entrepreneurism. Maine’s economy is based largely on the vision of small business owners. Fred knows the challenges faced by small businesses, as he owns one himself. Fred is a founding owner of Spark Applied Efficiency, a thriving electrical and mechanical contracting company that helps businesses save money by adopting sensible energy measures. He has owned a “green” home goods store and has written a book about investing. In all of those roles, he has drawn on his training as a lawyer and his pre-Maine experience as counsel for a successful startup company. Fred’s businesses reflect his values, but his experience as a businessperson will shape his approach to governing, as he appreciates the important role that the legislature can play in helping Maine’s small businesses to thrive.

Finally, Fred started the Support Brunswick group, which is a clearinghouse of information to allow residents to easily obtain accurate information for their health and help local businesses navigate the pandemic. He is active in the Rotary, and he has used his campaign as a means of sharing information about things like business development grants, Maine’s reopening plans, and voter registration. Through those efforts, Fred has shown us what his service as our representative will look like—it will be (and is) engaged, community-focused, and directed towards bettering our lives, in business and our daily lives alike. His life embodies care for community, and he is already looking out for all of us. Let’s make it official and send Fred to Augusta as our representative.

Jeffrey Piampiano,

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