Vote Daughtry

I have great confidence that Mattie Daughtry is the right person to represent District 24 (Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell, North Yarmouth, and Pownal) in the Maine State Senate, especially as Maine struggles with the pandemic and the economic woes that are accompanying efforts to contain the virus. Mattie’s eight years of service and leadership in the Maine House or Representatives give her the knowledge and experience necessary to address the difficult economic, environmental and healthcare issues that will be facing the Maine Legislature in 2021. Mattie will also bring to the State Senate, the perspective of a small business owner, as co-owner of Brunswick’s Moderation Brewing Company. Besides all these qualifications, Mattie Daughtry is a sensible, kind person who will always take the time to listen to her constituents and work towards the good of our communities. She has my vote; I hope she has yours too!

Lisa Fink,

Vote Lyons

I am honored to register my support for Ruth Lyons’ re-election to Topsham Board of Selectmen. I have known Ruth for many years, watching her rise to numerous challenges and overcoming each challenge set in her path. She has an inherent ability to address issues with strength while exhibiting sensitivity and compassion in the process. Reflecting on her years as Topsham’s Town Clerk, Ruth always had a steady and positive approach while freely sharing a big hug and warm smile. In light of the stresses influenced by the pandemic of 2020, I believe our community governments all benefit by having Ruth and others sharing her wisdom and demeanor as leaders. I encourage Topsham’s citizens to support Ruth on Nov 3.

Sue Spann,

Collins loses voter’s support

Sue Collins lost my vote when she attacked Sara Gideon for being from “away.” Children don’t have a choice as to where they are born or raised. They do have a choice as adults as to where they live and how they serve their communities. Sara Gideon clearly made that choice and has served both her community and the state. Collins’ attack though demonstrates how she is out of touch with Maine’s future. A recent report predicts Maine’s employment will shrink by 16,000 jobs by 2028. We desperately need people with the skills to help Maine’s economy grow.  Demonizing people for not being born in Maine is not the type of leader Maine needs in the United States Senate.

Richard J. Kessler,
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