Racial issue at Bowdoin College ‘upside down’

About the story “Bowdoin College student athletes of color demand action, equity from athletic department” (The Times Record, Oct. 22), I’m confused.  So the coach who drew attention to the “n word” in a song being played in the locker room by repeating the entire word and telling the players it was inappropriate is the big problem. If the word had been something else, like the “s word” or “f word,” there would have been no issue. His point about the song is completely lost.

What about the students who were playing this insensitive song? Why is it OK that they play a song with the “n word” repeated over and over but not OK to point it out to them?  Wasn’t the student offended by the playing of this song in the locker room? Since when is asking students to turn off a song like this “racial bias”?  Oh, because the coach is white. This doesn’t make him a racist nor does it necessarily make him insensitive.

Now the athletes are demanding that the whole department needs to be reeducated and a slew of new policies put in place. Never mind the coach apologized and the incident took place a year ago and that the student quoted in the article harbors resentment. This seems to be another example of how critical race theory has eclipsed other issues and turned everything upside down.

Sandra Banas,

Mad as hell at U.S. Senate action

Is anyone else mad as hell that the Senate chose to consider and confirm a Supreme Court justice instead of helping to save Americans and small businesses from pandemic-related financial ruin?

Lisa Ledwidge,

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