Election letters

To the editor,

I worked in two fields: HR for 25 years and teaching for 20 years.

When interviewing job applicants in HR, I asked myself: will this person show honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic, get along with and respect others? Will she/he demonstrate the humility to own and correct mistakes, and the vision to help our organization grow?

For teaching goals I asked: can this student take on new concepts, correct mistakes, grow, be creative, reach beyond, and complete projects? Will she/he demonstrate kindness and care, especially toward those of differing backgrounds and abilities, and become a good contributing member of society?

When choosing a president, I ran through these checklists. That’s why I am choosing Joe Biden. He personifies the characteristics of a solid employee, a good student, a great leader, and a caring human. Let’s set America on a positive course … let’s vote for Joe Biden.

Diane M. Denk

To the editor,

Think of this election as a help-wanted ad in the classifieds. Here’s the heading: Failing administration seeks support.

Given four years of ranting, he’s back to whining how Hillary Clinton will release a wave of criminals on the country, that President Obama spied on his campaign, that Joe Biden’s family is corrupt and that Dr. Anthony Fauci is an idiot for urging common sense caution during the pandemic. Ask yourself what credentials you would need to support this president.

And, oh yes, while you consider, keep in mind that he is now declaring that the election is already rigged. So, again, what do you need to support him? The answer is simple: absolutely nothing.
If you have no access to reality, President Trump has to be your man. How can you go wrong?

Here’s how: This president turns against those who have occasion to think outside his imaginary box. Fauci, for example, or John Kelly or James Mattis or H.R. McMaster. The list goes on, all capable men of honor.

And for you? Did you not hear him boast to his wealthy friends that he “made them a lot of money” with that ridiculous $1.5 trillion tax break that left you with peanuts? And the virus? That’s just Trump throwing you under the bus with the others.

John Forssen

To the editor,

I am a thief. I stole lies. I would never steal a political sign in favor of a candidate or issue whether or not I support that person or issue. But lately I’ve seen signs with a blatant lie regarding Sara Gideon. That lie does not deserve to live on.

The signs hypocritically proclaim, “Vote Sara Gideon/Defund the Police/paid for by the Republican Party.” Sara Gideon does not support defunding the police, as she and several Maine newspapers have made clear.

She does support addressing racism and ending violent tactics such as choke holds. Like Joe Biden, she respects the police and supports funding for police. To help wipe out the lie about Sara, I became a thief for the first time in my life. I removed the lie from two signs. Don’t believe lies about any candidate.

Vicki Adams

To the editor,

Our government leadership is so important on every level. We have seen the benefits of our local town managers and mayors plus our governor during this difficult time.

Traci Gere not only has the formal education (MBA), but the life experience to serve us in the ninth district.

She is an involved citizen, local business owner and a mother. She is tough and empathetic, a listener and a doer, a leader and a friend.

Please consider voting for Traci Gere – we are.

Ki and Bill Leffler


To the editor,

Mainers deserve the best possible representation in Augusta. That is why, as an independent voter and a former Republican of 46 years, I support dynamic candidates like Traci Gere.

Traci has the business acumen and experience, personal empathy with people in need as reflected in her story, and the vision and energy to impact Maine’s government to do what it’s supposed to do – make Mainers’ lives better. District 9 voters can count on Traci Gere to work for them.

Jane Card

To the editor,

Sara Gideon is a pragmatic leader who has already accomplished so much for our state.

Through her leadership and a bipartisan vote we have expanded health insurance for tens of thousands of Mainers under Obamacare.

A bipartisan bill increased funding for domestic violence agencies necessary to help more women plan for their safety.

Bipartisan bills to help alleviate poverty by assisting adults in furthering their job training were passed.

Bipartisan bills were passed that helping Maine become a leader in alternative energy.

Bipartisan tax relief was passed.

Sara Gideon is an issues-oriented politician who has proved her mettle and independence. She can do great things in Washington for us here in Maine and for the country.

Kevin Flynn