Biden voters, please consider the monumental task Joe Biden will face in working to restore our democracy and undoing the terrible policies instituted by Donald Trump.

His job will be made infinitely more difficult if Mitch McConnell remains Senate majority leader. McConnell is the ultimate obstructionist. He cares not at all for fulfilling his responsibilities to see that our government functions as the Founders intended. He revels in placing party before country.

Here’s Mitch on “The Sean Hannity Show” last Dec. 13:

Hannity: “I was surprised that former President Obama left so many vacancies (in federal judgeships) and didn’t try to fill those positions.”

McConnell: “I’ll tell you why, (it’s) because I was in charge of what we did in the last two years of the Obama administration.”

Hannity: “I will give you full credit for that and by the way, take a bow.”

A vote for Republican Sen. Susan Collins is a vote for Mitch McConnell.

Phil Coupe Sr.

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