To the editor,

Thank you to all those who made the Nov. 3 election a success. The South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough clerks and Maine’s secretary of state have worked for months to allow voters to cast ballots safely and securely by mail, drop off or in person.

As a candidate and voter, I appreciate all the election workers and civic-minded volunteers who made sure we could exercise the right to vote. Voters also deserve a heartfelt thanks: your willingness to adapt ensured that the 2020 election was a success. Everyone deserves a big pat on the back, though for now an “air hug” will have to do.

Preliminary results indicate I will have the honor of representing Senate District 29 in the Maine Senate. Especially in these uncertain times, when we need more than ever to count on one another, I am moved and inspired by the confidence you’ve placed in me. I want to acknowledge and thank Stephanie Anderson for her dedication to our community and for running a positive, issues-focused, and respectful campaign.

Finally, to all who took part in this election, and especially to those who helped in my campaign, my deepest thanks. Let’s go forward together, as a community, state and country, to a time of healing and rebuilding. I’m confident our community and Mainers across the state will continue to face our challenges with determination, care for each other throughout our pandemic winter, and keep working together for a better future.

Anne Carney

Cape Elizabeth