I am writing because I recently learned that Sarah Beliveau and Erik Knudsen, two longtime Falmouth EMTs, unexpectedly resigned.

That is a cause for great concern. These two individuals have been with the Falmouth EMTs for decades. They are two of the “faces of Falmouth” that many of us have known about and worked with for years. When longtime, dedicated, competent employees leave unexpectedly there is a problem and it needs to be corrected.

Representatives from the town indicated that it was a “personnel” matter. That makes me believe that something is wrong within the department and there needs to be a thorough internal review.

Many of you have never utilized the services of the Falmouth EMTs. For those that have, you know that this dedicated group of individuals does a wonderful job. My husband has experienced some health problems and has received services from these people on several occasions. The EMTs (including Sarah and Erik) involved made a frightening experience far more bearable. This is a dedicated group of individuals and we are very lucky to have them.

I urge the town of Falmouth to take a long look at what is going on because losing two well-loved and well-respected employees is an enormous loss that will not be easy to overcome. I would hope that the Town Council would also be asking what is going on. It is important that the town of Falmouth continue to be a place where employees want to work. Failure to address “personnel” issues will result in additional problems in the future.

I am very sad that these two individuals have left. As a resident of the town of Falmouth I feel that we have let them down. We have lost two great employees. We must do better than that.

Lisa K. Nash