A past entry in the Gingerbread Spectacular contest. Courtesy of Boothbay Opera House

BOOTHBAY HARBOR — Due to pandemic precautions, there won’t be live music and dancing, hors d’oeuvres and hot cocoa, but the Gingerbread Spectacular at the historic Opera House in Boothbay Harbor will still include the star structures of the show.

The gingerbread and confectionery structures created by community members near and far will be on display from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily from Dec. 2-5 at the Boothbay Opera House.

The Gingerbread Spectacular burst on to the holiday scene 14 years ago. In the years since, the gingerbread creations that have arrived at the Opera House have included confectionery interpretations of castles with dragons, soccer stadiums, animated ice skating ponds, gingerbread aquariums and birdhouses, windmills and dollhouses, carnival scenes and traditional gingerbread houses small and large.

All the entries are displayed against a decorated Opera House thanks to the talents of set designer Kevin Kiley. Individuals and families planning to create an entry for this year’s Gingerbread Spectacular are asked to contact the Opera House in advance. For additional information designers and bakers are asked to contact (207) 633-6855 or [email protected] Gingerbread entries must be delivered on Tuesday, Dec. 1 to be considered for this year’s awards.

The 2020 Gingerbread Spectacular judging team includes Boothbay Region High School Principal Tricia Campbell, Brenda Blackman of The First National Bank, Alva Achorn last spotted behind the bar at Robinson’s Wharf, and Lisa Kristoff getting the winning scoop for the Boothbay Register. Additional judges may be announced as the date draws closer. Gingerbread judges may be bribed, but all cash bribes will be turned in as donations to the nonprofit Opera House. There is no admission fee, but donations will be warmly accepted.

In addition to the awarded of the Most Spectacular design, the judges may also determine which entry is the Best Representation of a Local Landmark, which has the Best Holiday Spirit, which is the Best Traditional Gingerbread House design, who has amassed the largest Pile of Icing, which is the Most Delicious Looking, and which entry embraces the Most Obsessive Compulsive, among other awards.

The event also features an annual holiday bake sale.

No reservations are accepted, and the number of visitors will be limited to less than 50 at any given time. Masks are required for all people inside the Opera House. It is anticipated that the Wednesday-Friday time period may be less crowded than the Saturday, Dec. 5, final date. Visitors should plan accordingly.

The entrance will be on the Smith Street side of the building at the normal performance entrance. The Opera House is located at 86 Townsend Ave.

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