Like many of John Balentine articles, he is looking from the outside with no knowledge of what he is talking about. Has he ever owned a small business, what business knowledge does he have? (“Don’t lock ME down,” Nov. 18).

I have owned and managed small businesses since 1976. The locations are Lewiston, Auburn, Brunswick, South Paris, Windham, Portland and Westbrook.

The most important thing I have learned is that what matters the most is location, location, location. No, John, a business will not exit Portland and relocate outside Portland because they have to pay a higher wage. If you have a business that is very successful in Portland and you’re paying a wage of $600 a week, why would you want to move to a place not knowing if your business would bring in even half the volume? Because most likely this would happen as Portland is the prime location in Maine for business. Sorry, they won’t move to save a few dollars.

Peter Hart
Lisbon Falls