I read with great interest the (Nov. 26) article concerning Westbrook City Councilor Elliot Storey. The gist of his protest was about mask wearing. He felt that the Governor’s mask mandate was “draconian.” Later in the article he said something with which I totally agree. He noted the impact from “the expanded definition of the word public to include private gatherings and private businesses.”

He is correct in that his house is not public. If he chooses to have company over and have a no mask policy, so be it.

However, if “private businesses” choose to have a mask policy, that is also their prerogative. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service!

He is correct in knowing that everyone has certain rights under the Constitution. (Don’t worry, I won’t be coming after your guns.). However, when I was teaching and a student said “… but I have the right to …”, I would remind them that their “rights” end where my “rights” begin.

I and my family have the right to a safe environment and you don’t have the right to endanger my family.

Steven C. Pomelow