There’s a storm brewing for Saturday and it’s a little more impressive than the one Wednesday night.


The good news with this one: Friday is actually trending much nicer. There might even be some sun in the morning before clouds thicken through the day.

Showers begin overnight Friday in western and southern areas. Northern and eastern areas see showers start up early Saturday.


The storm starts as snow just about everywhere, but it tracks closer to the coastline through the day.

As it does, steady snow continues inland but the coast sees some sleet get mixed in before a switch to rain.

The showers wrap up in the afternoon and evening from west to east, with clear conditions by early Sunday morning.


We’re a widespread 3-6″ inland with this one. Coastal areas will be more like 1-3″, especially in southwestern Maine and up the Midcoast. This is due to the mixing that I talked about above.

Far northern areas likely see nothing from this storm, since it’ll be such a weak system.

It’s a good break for the people who have been waiting to get out in the snow, though. And it’s not the only chance this week.

Maybe Monday?

Maybe, just maybe, snow is back Monday. There are definitely a few different signs pointing to this storm making it to us. The question then becomes: is it cold enough for all snow, or do we have to talk about mixing and rain?

Tomer Burg, @burgwx

In the GIF above, the first frame is an older model run and the last frame is the most recent. The model shown is the American model, the GFS. We often say “the trend is your friend” when forecasting, so seeing this makes it clear that it needs to be watched.

What’s also worth noting is that this wasn’t even picked up on the models as a New England threat just a couple of days ago. Seemed like it was totally going out to sea.

That has since changed. There is still a little bit of time to figure out the finer details, but keep Monday on your radar for potential wintry weather. Of course, I’ll get another blog up if that storm piques my interest.

I’ll have more updates through the start of the New Year on my Twitter, @MikeSliferWX. Have a safe and happy holiday!


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