Sen. Susan Collins should follow the lead of other principled Republicans, like former Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan and former New Hampshire Republican Chair Jennifer Horn, and resign from the Republican Party. As an independent, she could represent the people of Maine without allying herself with a party that has become synonymous with Donald Trump and his hateful legacy.

Trump is not an outlier in the party: More than half of the Republican U.S. representatives and more than a fifth of the Republican U.S. senators in Congress supported the president’s unfounded claims of an illegitimate election, and he was twice nominated by the party to be their presidential candidate. The entire Republican congressional delegation defended Trump vigorously when he was impeached a year ago.

Sen. Collins needs to distance herself from a party that has become disreputable and that, by her own admission, does not represent her values. She needs to become an independent.

Steve Lindsay
Tenants Harbor

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