Sen. Susan Collins’ insistence that she has no position on the pending impeachment trial until she hears all the evidence is ludicrous on its face.

This is probably the only time in the history of the American judicial system that the jury in a case is made up entirely of victims of the crime. All of Donald Trump’s speeches that incited this event are matters of public record. During the attack he fostered, she was cowering under the table with the rest of them, fearing the Iranians were about to overrun the place. When it was all over, she and Sen. Lisa Murkowski sat by the fire sipping wine and hashed over all the events of the day.

What more could she possibly need to know?

Sen. Collins should tell us outright that the reason she doesn’t know how she’ll vote is that, once again, she’ll be voting whichever way Mitch McConnell tells her to vote.

David Bright

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