How great to be a patient in the Midcoast Medical Group! Although we hear stories about disorganization in vaccine distribution all over the country, our group informed us that we would be hearing via email when the COVID-19 vaccine became available. Last week, as a septuagenarian, I received an email and easily scheduled an appointment. Last night I went to the new clinic at the Brunswick Parks and Rec to get my shot. Eight minutes after I walked in the door the Pfizer vaccine was painlessly in my arm. At the next station, after the nurse injected me, I was able to schedule my follow-up dose.
Here in Maine, we are fortunate to have, in Dr. Shah and Commissioner Lambrew, nationally-recognized figures who are right on top of things. I also appreciate the strength and resolve of Gov. Mills, who is able to tune out the trolls and jackals and steer the wisest, safest course for our state. Midcoast Maine is a good place to be right now.
Paul Kalkstein,

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