I have trouble getting my head around some people who call themselves Americans during this COVID epidemic. Many claim their individual rights are being infringed upon. Effectively they are putting their individual wants over the health and welfare of other Americans. Essentially, it is “me first – everyone else, good luck”!

When terrorists crashed into the twin towers in New York, roughly 3,000 Americans died that one day. After, the American spirit flourished. We rallied to support all affected Americans.

Now, roughly 4,000 Americans die every day from the COVID virus. Where is that same American spirit? Four thousand people die every day. Almost 400,000 total deaths! This number of deaths does not even reflect the vast number of individuals who have survived the virus but will never live a normal life again. Where is the same outrage, compassion and concern for the welfare and safety of their fellow Americans now?

People forget our country was founded by a group of individuals of varying interests for a common good. We again need to put the common good ahead of that of the individual.

Gary MacMullen

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