Martin Jones’ letter (Jan. 24) states that the disparities between racial groups in our medical, political, economic and educational systems are caused by minorities themselves. He refers to the work of three very conservative African American writers who, once again, are placing the blame for the extreme disparities between the races in our country on African Americans’ culture, attitudes and behaviors.

He claims it is not the system but problems in the racial groups that cause these disparities. This is an old and disproved racist theory. There is proven and very exposed systemic racism in every aspect of our country’s government and social structure. Capitalist economic forces created racism and have benefited from its application throughout our history.

Please let us all reject this racist argument and work to root out the true causes of inequality in all parts of our government and build a fair democracy for all. Martin Luther King would be very disappointed to still see the injustice in the systems of our land. He fought for equality. He truly gave his young life for all of us and it is time we stand up and act on his words.

Valerie Razsa

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