A Norway man was arrested Monday on burglary charges in Casco after a couple returned home to find a strange car in their garage and later learned the accused intruder had taken a candlelit bath, ate food and rearranged items in their home.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a report of a burglary in progress on Pinkham Road arrested 34-year-old Sean Schoonmaker. The homeowners had arrived home after being away overnight to find his car in the garage and the doors of their home locked, according to police.

Ann Hall, one of the homeowners, said they had returned home around 10:15 a.m. Monday from an overnight trip to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When they opened the garage and saw a strange car, Hall said her “Spidey senses” told her something was off. They drove away from the house and called 911.

Hall said five deputies and a K9 responded to her call and located Schoonmaker, whom Hall does not know.

“When they went in, there was a young man in there who had been lounging around and making it his place,” said Hall, who said she is a psychic medium. “I realized only after (the deputies) were gone that he had gone into every cupboard, every drawer and rifled through things … He must have been there a while because he had changed everything around.”

Hall said the intruder had taken a candlelit bath in her walk-in tub, prepared and eaten food and put his own items in the refrigerator, replaced photos and rearranged items on her mantle. She said the man also smoked in every room and made a mess of her home office.

Hall said she feels violated and unsafe in her own home, but is thankful for the “lovely and professional” deputies who came to her house.

“I want to heal from this and move on,” she said.

Schoonmaker was arrested on charges of burglary, theft and violation of a protection order. He was taken to Cumberland County Jail.

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