Don’t be concerned about getting vaccine

To the editor,

My wife and I had the experience of going to the MaineHealth Vaccination Center at Scarborough Downs last week. Not being fond of needles, we spent the night before wondering what it would be like. We have to say we were very impressed!

Kudos to the contractors/designers for creating a bright, warm, open space with plenty of room. Kudos to MaineHealth for the amazing organization. Everything was very organized. The medical people were helpful and professional. And the volunteers were amazing. Everyone was willing to help. If they could not answer a question they immediately went and found someone who could.

We were very pleased to find out that the final step in the process there was to get your assignment for your booster shot. We left there knowing the day and time of our next shot.

So, if you are having some concerns about how the whole process will unfold, please be assured that you could not have a better experience than the one we had at the Scarborough Downs site.

With best wishes for wellness for all,

Susan and Carl Helms

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