Robert Hampton

PORTLAND – Robert Hampton, 49, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021 after a long battle with addiction.

Although he left our world on Tuesday, his family lost him many years ago to this evil disease. Bobby tried to fight the addiction and we would see glimpses of hope throughout the years. He was saddened by the world only defining him by his addictions and the mistakes he had made. He loved all of his children and wanted so badly to conquer this addiction so that he could be the father they deserved, and he wanted to be.

He leaves behind four children, Mike Kent, Caitlin Brannon, Jessica Hampton and Christopher Hampton.

Each one of his children have a different memory and as much as he was not part of their daily lives, they have a void that will never go away.

This addiction has taken away so much – a father, grandfather, friend and a husband throughout the years. We are thankful that he is now at peace. We hope we make him proud in the lives we live and the choices we make.

Addiction is a demon that affects so many lives, both the addicted and those that love the addicted. We share Bobby’s story in the hopes that it gives anyone living this life the strength to not give up, to fight one more day, to ask for help. Whatever it takes to stay alive and build the life you deserve.

We want to leave you with memories of the Bobby we knew back in the day. The Bobby that loved to cook for his friends, camp, hike and spend time with those he loved and cared about.

In celebration of his life, we will be having a grand meal that he would have shared with us. We ask that if you knew Bobby, celebrate the good, enjoy some old memories over a good meal, maybe teriyaki steak tips or lobster stew. That is what we will be doing.

For those that are affected by addiction please reach out for help. Do not let addiction leave a void in another family. We have lost way too many.

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