Is there no end to the excellence emanating from John Balentine’s head?

I completely agree that we should boycott the upcoming Olympics. China’s treatment of the Uighurs may be even worse than our treatment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, even though not so bad as our government’s treatment of the Native Americans since the locust-like invasion of white people. Holding Olympic games in countries with dubious human rights records, such as China and the United States, is a travesty.

Both countries love their prison slave labor. UNICOR’s “Factories with Fences” pay American inmates 23 cents to $1.15 an hour, contributing to a more than $1 billion industry. And since a disproportionate amount of this labor is Black people, we know that they will work hard. After all, why else would the South still be upset over losing such valuable economic assets in the Civil War?

The excellent ex-KGB asset and businessman Donald Trump was well aware of this and did his best to rectify the situation. However, his rebellion fell a few million men short, and the South and its sympathizers will have to remain part of the United States and continue to pay those who remain outside prison walls slightly more than slave wages. Bad business, but not without hope.

If private prisons don’t meet 90% of their lockup quotas, the taxpayer must pay for the empty beds. Luckily, there are immigrants, both legal and illegal, ripe for roundup to meet the slave labor quotas. Whew! For a minute there, I thought we were going to be stuck with the bill. But the business of America is business, and private prisons are a big one. So do we really want to get out of the slave labor industry just so we can play some games here?

Business or games? We’re Americans! Business, of course!

Kenneth Weston