Gordon Weil in his commentary “Political parties today: Democrats and Anti-Democrats,” (The Times Record, Feb. 26) stated: “Driven by intense personal ambition, Trump did not have much of a policy of his own… .” I would further suggest that Trump had no policy at all and was driven by something way more sinister, imbedded deep into his psyche.

The superlative PBS Frontline series broadcast at least two episodes touching on Trump’s career and life. Other exposes, and Trump’s niece, have added to that. They suggested Trump grew to view life as “combat” where the law of the jungle exists and all that matters is winning and rules are made to be broken. He was mentored and groomed by attorney Roy Cohn characterized as a ruthless prosecutor who was one of the key legal advisors to Sen. Joe McCarthy who spearheaded the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee.

In 2008, false rumors began about President Obama’s birth certificate. In the early spring of 2011, Trump vocally joined in the conspiracy while contemplating a run for the presidency in 2012. Later, in May, the yearly White House Correspondents dinner was held where President Obama, likely spurred on by Trump’s attacks on him, skewered (and humiliated, in Trump’s mind) Trump in a blistering monologue.

Per David Cay Johnston in his book, “The Making Of Donald Trump,” “Trump leaves no room for doubt that revenge is a guiding principle of his life: “My motto is: Always get even.” So what did Donald Trump focus his candidacy and his entire presidency on? Attacking and dismantling Obamacare and everything Obama and the Democrats stood for was Trump’s four-year “get even” personal vendetta.

Donald Trump had “no policy”, no ambition, no party loyalty, no patriotism, no goals other than revenge, winning, pride, and egotism. That is why we ended up with a four-year tragedy and Jan. 6th, 2021.

Jeffrey Runyon,

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