As a resident of Scarborough, I’m writing to vehemently oppose the construction of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility at 40 Manson Libby Road.

Activists march past the White House in 2018 to protest the separation of children from immigrant parents at the southern border by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The conversion of part of a building in Scarborough into an ICE facility should be opposed by local families, a reader says. Alex Brandon/Associated Press, File

Under the previous presidential administration, ICE gained notoriety for the enforcement of cruel and racist immigration policy. We watched in horror as this agency was emboldened by resources and anti-immigrant rhetoric to apprehend, detain and deport individuals, and separate families. Knowing that this agency could soon be operating within town limits is terrifying. Their acts are unconscionable.

This new ICE facility being constructed in Scarborough is an ugly symbol of a hateful and failed regime, and it has no place in our community. The values it represents – racism, classism and extremist nationalism – are in violent contrast to the resolution against racial and social injustice that was adopted by our Town Council last fall.

I am the mother of two young sons. That our shared country of origin is the only factor that enables us to be together is illogical. No human is illegal. Any agency set up to administer policies based on prejudice and discrimination has no business in my town.

Families of Scarborough, I urge you to contact your local officials today to oppose ICE and to ask for information about what exactly is planned for this facility. Use your conscience as your guide – our kids are watching.

Abigail Henry

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