Funding to replace a culvert and dam and repair the bridge at Stevens Brook Pond on Gloucester Hill Road was approved at a special election Tuesday. Emily Bader / Lakes Region Weekly file photo

New Gloucester voters approved two measures at a special town election Tuesday for repairs at Stevens Brook Pond dam and for the purchasing of a new loader at the transfer station.

The vote was 117-62 in favor of approving $785,000 in spending to repair the Stevens Brook Pond dam, culvert and bridge, including a $450,000 bond to fund the project. Sixty-two people voted against.

Voters also approved, 127-52, appropriating $125,000 from the transfer station reserve account to purchase a loader.

The five-year bond for the project at Stevens Brook Pond will total approximately $459,000 with interest payments. The remainder of the funding would come from reserve accounts and the town’s undesignated fund balance.

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