As a breast cancer survivor, I have relied on medication to prevent the cancer from returning. Like many Americans, I have experienced the high cost of prescription drugs. With L.D. 686, An Act to Increase Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency, Mainers will no longer have to forgo necessary medication because of cost. I thank Maine state legislators who have supported this bill thus far.

Many of the medications I take cost hundreds of dollars a month. I have spent too much time on the phone with my insurance provider and drug manufacturers trying to find the lowest price for my prescriptions. I can afford my medication, but I know that many cannot. Mainers should not have to “stretch out” their prescriptions by taking lower doses or forgo medication all together.

We need our elected officials to support L.D. 686 and find a better way to access affordable prescription drugs. I urge readers to reach out to their legislators today and ask them to support L.D. 686.

Mary Ann Cumming

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