Pass bill for lower prescription drug prices

To the editor,

Mainers face many barriers to affordable care, especially to affordable prescription drugs. It isn’t right that Americans must pay the highest prices in the world for medicines they need. Having a health condition that requires medication, I understand the struggle of many Mainers who have no other choice but to pay the skyrocketing costs of their medications. With LD 120, An Act To Lower Health Care Costs through the Establishment of the Office of Affordable Health Care, we could lower prescription drug prices for those without insurance.

While working as a community health nurse, I had insurance through my employer, which covered most of the cost of the prescriptions I take. After retirement, I found that the cost of what I would pay for my prescriptions increased exponentially. The medications I take are necessary in order to remain healthy. While I consider myself lucky to be able to afford these prescriptions, I know that many Mainers cannot. Throughout my career in health care, I witnessed too many of my patients go without crucial medication, later developing more serious conditions as a result of not taking the initial medication. Mainers should not have to choose between their health and their finances.

We need our legislators to continue the fight of making prescription drugs more affordable for the citizens of Maine. I urge you to reach out to your elected officials regarding LD 120.

Elizabeth Martin

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