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Tues.  5/25  5 p.m.  Economic Development Committee

Wed.  5/26  4 p.m.  Transportation Committee


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Tues.  5/25  5 p.m.  Recycling and Sustainability Committee

Tues.  5/25  7 p.m.  Planning Board

Wed.  5/26  10 a.m.  Staff Review Committee

Wed.  5/26  6:30 p.m.  Rivers and Coastal Waters Commission

Wed.  5/26  7 p.m.  School Board Workshop

Thur.  5/27  5 p.m.  Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee


Check for information on remote access. Videos of previous meetings at

Tues.  5/25  5 p.m.  Technology /Communications Planning Task Force

Tues.  5/25  5 p.m.  Marine Resources Committee

Thur.  5/27  6 p.m.  Board of Selectmen