I have always felt that those in politics lived in another world. I am a half-Asian, half-Canadian child of immigrants. My life issues have often felt unimportant or left aside, my identity too nuanced to be encapsulated in age-old institutions.

Simply put, I’ve rarely seen people like me working in positions of power. With Marpheen Chann, at-large candidate for the Portland Charter Commission, I see a future for Portland that reflects the change I want to see; a world I can confidently raise my daughter in.

Chann’s issues feel so in line with a city that’s already burgeoning with a racially diverse, LGBTQ+ population. Our city would be a better place with his intellect, drive and empathy at the helm. This, combined with his strong connections to his Maine roots, pave the way forward to a place I’m frankly done dreaming about. Let’s act, let’s vote.

Coco McCracken

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