Later this fall, the town council will discuss a proposed parking ban on one side of Black Point Road. The red line indicates a parking ban and the green line indicates where parking would be allowed between Sept. 15 and May 1 if the ordinance amendments were to pass. Courtesy photo

SCARBOROUGH — The ordinance committee voted on May 20 to move an ordinance proposal to the Scarborough Town Council that would ban parking on a portion of the Ferry Beach side of Black Point Road.

Language in the ordinance draft proposes a parking ban from Kirkwood Road to Ferry Road between May 1 and Sept. 15 each year. In the fall and winter months, parking will be allowed on the even-number side of the road.

A letter dated March 1 from Jeremy Wintersteen, president of the Prout’s Neck Improvement Association, to Town Manager Tom Hall outlines concerns that Wintersteen said he and members of the association have based on observations.

“Cars are parking on both sides of (Black Point Road) and there have been some periods of over 60 vehicles,” he said. “It’s a dangerous situation with cars on both sides of the street; adults, kids and dogs exiting vehicles; and people walking down both sides of the road or crossing the street.”

Hall said he worked with the Police Department in determining the area’s current parking restrictions before bringing forward the proposal.

Committee members Don Hamill, Ken Johnson and Chair Jean-Marie Caterina said they were in favor of passing the proposal forward to the Town Council as drafted.

The ordinance amendments will probably not go before council until September, said Caterina, who added that she did not support banning parking on both sides of the street and was in favor of the compromise solution.

Black Point Road resident Marvin Gates said he believes the proposal is a good start but may need to see further adjustments going forward.

“Living here, I’m very intimate with the section that’s being described, and I have to say that I think with the growth with Scarborough going forward, you will be revisiting this issue and perhaps looking for the Scarborough Beach State Park to open their parking lot in the winter in exchange for, as I understand it, no parking on both sides of the road because I think the traffic will warrant it. However, I understand we all take a bite of the apple one at a time, and I think this is a very good bite.”

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