As an intervenor in three permitting proceedings, I am familiar with the expert testimonies for the Central Maine Power Corridor. I write today to conscientious, Maine citizens concerned about our economy and climate future.

Scientific evidence is required for a scientific claim. CMP has fought every study to validate climate benefits or prove that the CMP Corridor will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Public Utilities Commission, CMP argued that greenhouse gas emissions should be studied later at the Department of Environmental Protection.

To the DEP, CMP’s attorney argued against greenhouse gas emissions analysis, “In fact, nowhere has CMP stated that the Project’s purpose and need includes (greenhouse gas) emissions reductions.”

CMP’s 30 lobbyists pressured our lawmakers to oppose LD 640, an independent study to verify the corridor’s impacts on greenhouse gas emissions.

If these foreign corporations, standing to make billions off of Maine’s destruction, really cared about climate benefits, they wouldn’t be petrified of the science.


Massachusetts’ Attorney General submitted expert testimony to the Mass. Dept. of Public Utilities stating:

“NECEC DOES NOT MEET the clean energy standards as it would not be “new” clean power.
“NECEC lines would NOT be required to carry new, clean energy.
“Hydro-Quebec would implement “resource shuffling” or greenwashing, resulting in NO GHG REDUCTION.
“Hydro-Quebec has refused to testify that it actually has the additional capacity to provide this hydropower.”

Mainers deserve scientific facts, not unproven, false propaganda. The record proves that the CMP Corridor is not green and not clean. VOTE YES on Nov. 2 to reject this green-energy scam!

Elizabeth Caruso,
First Selectman,
Town of Caratunk


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