Why are we letting our country burn and our fellow citizens die of heat? As of July 20, there were 80 fires burning in 13 states across the American west.. Within the last few weeks many people, some estimates say 600, died of heat in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Clearly a climate change tipping point that many thought our children or grandchildren might face is here now. The climate will continue to get worse quickly if we do not act now.

Many things need to change but economists and scientists say that the most effective first step to stimulate quick change is to place a price on carbon. This means charging a fee on all fossil fuels as they are taken out of the ground and return this money to American citizens in a monthly check. This check will cover the gradually rising cost of fossil fuels until the switch over to renewables is complete. If Congress passes this it could take effect in as little as 9 months and start slowing climate change. Read the news, watch the news, look around you and do not turn away. Instead, pick up the phone and call Sens. Collins and King and Reps. Pingree and Golden and tell them to pass a carbon fee now.

Nancy Hasenfus,

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