Carol Martinelli has lived a rich, full life. Courtesy photo

SCARBOROUGH — Carol Martinelli is a new resident to the Enclave of Scarborough, and Carol has made quite an impression on the associates in sharing her life story, according to an Enclave press release.

Originally from Caribou, she grew up in Scarborough. Her family was of French descent and she recalls her grandmothers’ famous hogs head cheese made of pork and spices.

“We used to spread it on a flatbread and eat it for breakfast,” she exclaimed.

When Carol was young, she was a tap dancer and played basketball. She attended Scarborough High School and was a graduate of Mercy Hospital’s School of Nursing program in 1962. She has one son and five grandchildren; two boys and three girls. She has been a collector of Precious Moments figurines for years and did floral arrangements out of her barn alongside her years as a dedicated nurse. She worked at the Scarborough Veterans Home for 20 years. She was the manager of the skilled unit as well as the Medicare coordinator and said she “gave all to her job of serving those veterans.”

While she did not serve in the armed forces, she was married to not to one but two veterans. Her first husband was a Navy man of 26 years and operator of the Chief of the Constitution Ship.

Then in her 70s, she remarried. Carol and her second husband met square dancing and she said it was the happiest time of her life. She also said that the most memorable decade of her life was while she was in her mid-30s when she came to know the Lord.

“I was brought up Catholic but met Jesus at 34 and that changed my life for the better,” she said.

Carol also shared fond memories of when she opened her home to teach Bible study to those who were interested in learning.

Currently, she enjoys going to church on Sunday’s to the Promised Land World Outreach Center in South Portland.

Carol enjoys walking, cribbage, and some card games like poker, but her favorite pastime is reading good clean Christian books. She has done a lot of travelling such as going to Africa on four occasions, to Israel and to Paris.

One of her favorite travel destinations was Alaska which was an anniversary gift from her husband for his 80th birthday. “It was a 10-day adventure where we flew into Seattle, Washington, and then met with the ship.”

Carol said that if she were to travel anywhere next week it would actually be to Italy so she could learn more about her married name ‘Martinelli’ and her husband’s family.

Carol has dedicated several years with a few missionary organizations in Africa and Mexico. She says that Africa has had her heart since she was 16 years old and described her trip down the Zambia River in an Ultralight as “exhilarating.” If she could be younger for a day, Carol said, she would choose to be in the mission field in Africa with Overland Missions.

Something she would like to communicate to the younger generation is to “open their hearts to others who are in need, to slow down, see both sides and try to see your blessings. There’s too much greed in the world, but love is selfless. We all have a responsibility for our behaviors and to speak the truth.”

Carol is a Patriots and Red Sox fan. Carol likes the Hallmark Channel, her favorite holiday is Easter and her favorite food is lobster. She loves being by the seaside. Carol said if she ever made it the local newspaper, the headline would be “What is she Doing Now?”

With all of Carols experiences in life, she said the one thing she would like to do, besides travel to Italy to meet relatives, is go to New York to a Broadway musical which is why the Enclave of Scarborough has worked their magic to bring the Broadway musical to her as her Bridges of Dreams event. The Enclave team says she is absolutely a breath of fresh air and they are looking forward to helping her make some wonderful new memories.

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