Sen. Susan Collins recently urged the federal government to “open (the) northern border to vaccinated Canadians.” It may be time to do this, considering the desire to return to a normal flow of commercial and personal visits between Maine and Canada.

It would have been nice if Sen. Collins had been as direct after having visited our southern border on May 26 with a group of other Republican senators. Her only comment at the time was that Border Patrol agents “… need our help. They need better policies from Washington.”

And that was it: no letter, no public urging of the Biden administration to take steps to slow the flow of migrants attempting to enter the country illegally.

In a July 16 memo, Customs and Border Protection reported that 188,829 illegal aliens were “encountered” during the month of June, a 5 percent increase over May. What was disgraceful was the termination of the successful Migration Protection Protocols program, aka the “Remain in Mexico” policy, by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Why isn’t Sen. Collins also urging measures to secure our southern border? The situation there is chaotic and the need there for border security is greater, far greater.

Bob Casimiro

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