Brother Guy Goulet

At the Oasis community infirmary in Sherbrooke, Canada, on Thursday July 8, 2021, Brother Guy Goulet passed away at the age of 91 years and one month, including 74 years of religious life.

He worked in Canada, in Madagascar , England, and Australia.

The date and place of the celebration of the funeral remain to be determined. His ashes will be placed in the Sherbrooke community cemetery.

Besides the members of the community, Brother Guy Goulet will be sadly missed by his sisters-in-law, Doris Lacourse (late Benoît) and Jeannine Nadeau (late Normand), cousins as well as nephews and nieces.

He is preceded in death by his brothers and sisters, Armand, Lucien, sc, René (late Rachel Nadeau), Hervé, sc, Renald (late Annette Roy), Léo (late Pauline Bélanger), Lorraine (late Robert Boissonneault), Benoît , (Doris Lacourse), Normand (Jeannine Nadeau) and Rachelle. He also leaves behind a lifelong friend, Robert Hodge, from Biddeford, Maine.

There will be a celebration of Brother Guy Goulet’s life on Thursday, Aug. 26 at 6 p.m. at St. Brendan’s Church in Biddeford Pool, Maine. All are welcome to come and join in this celebration.

1930 – 2021

26-05-1930 15-08-1947 15-08-1953


Born in Biddeford, Maine, U.S.A. First profession in Arthabaska Perpetual profession in Arthabaska

1947 Winthrop, scholastic

1949 Sherbrooke, Sacré-Cœur, teacher 1951 Richmond, Sacré-Cœur, teacher

1953 Sherbrooke, St-Jean-Baptiste, teacher

1955 Antananarivo, Madagascar, ESCA, teacher

1956 Fort-Dauphin, Madagascar, teacher

1958 Princeville, teacher

1959 Victoriaville, College, teacher

1960 St-Anicet, Second novitiate, resourcing

1961 Asbestos (January). Arthabaska, juniorate, auxiliary

1962 Sherbrooke, St-Jean-Baptiste, teacher

1966 Albano, Italy, Grand novitiate, resourcing

1967 Braybrooke, Australia, teacher

1980 Watling, England, St-Alban’s, teacher

1982 Renewal, USA, Sangre de Christo

1983 Berwick, Australia

1985 Braybrook, Australia

1988 Arthabaska, College and Prov. House, Librarian 2014 Sherbrooke, Seniors, Oasis

07-08-2021 Death at the Oasis of Sherbrooke

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