I’ve just read today’s (Sept. 9, Page B6) “Curtis” comic. Topic: Masking vs. not masking. I believe that “comics” imply something light and humorous. When this comic replaced “Mark Trail,” I was in favor of the change for a number of reasons. The “Curtis” strip was a good change. However, it is morphing into something that’s not cute, humorous or entertaining.

If the author wishes to do social commentary, then he should write them and we’ll read them on the Opinion page. This is where “Doonesbury” ended up, eventually.

I, for one, look forward to reading the comics to begin my day on a light and positive note. To add to the division this country is now experiencing, on the “Comics” page, makes the chasm wider.

There is nothing funny about how people are treating each other right now!

I hope today’s “Curtis” is an anomaly.

Steven C. Pomelow

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