I remember the cloudy fall afternoon, three years ago, when Sen. Susan Collins’ voice came on the radio. I was driving home from work on the back roads in Brunswick. The leaves were turning and starting to drop.

After listening to her justify her vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, I was so distraught I had to pull the car over and calm myself down. She was lecturing us, the people of Maine, on trust and scolding us for not believing in Kavanaugh’s character, believing he’d keep his word on Roe v. Wade.

He recently rejected a challenge to a Texas law banning most abortions, and I feel as furious now as I did three years ago. Collins’ vote for him has put the lives and rights of millions of women in jeopardy. At the time I declared her one of those girls at the dance who’d flutter their eyelashes at the boys, laugh at their nasty jokes and kiss up to the football players, all to be popular.

She’s been kissing up for so long now. If she has any guts she’d denounce Kavanaugh, vote for the reconciliation bill and finally come through for her people. She should be recalled. As a woman, I am embarrassed by her ploys. We need a real Margaret Chase Smith, not this fake one.

Kathleen Sullivan

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