Vote yes on Question 1

To the editor,

My background and employment are in energy and construction, and I have followed the debate on the CMP Corridor from the beginning. Let me make one point very clear: if I thought that Maine residents would benefit from good, long-term jobs and honest savings on our power bills, I would not support this referendum. However, the facts, and CMP’s ever-changing narrative, make the choice simple. Question 1 must pass in November.

The people of Maine have been rolled over and been pushed aside far too often for private and political gain. The CMP Corridor is no different. CMP is actually owned by international corporation Iberdola, and they don’t care about Maine. Their interest is profit. And a disgusting profit at that, as they stand to make billions of dollars. But what do Mainers get?

Jobs outsourced to out-of-staters. I have seen first hand the foresting and construction crews from out-of-state used on CMP’s projects. CMP was lying to Mainers when they said this project would create jobs for Mainers, just like they’ve lied to us about our power bills.

Environmental devastation. Look at any transmission lines and you’ll see the right-of-ways are clear cuts, because they have to be for system maintenance. CMP is already in hot water for cutting almost double the width they said they would, leaving an ugly scar in our western Maine forests.

The CMP Corridor is a bad deal for Mainers. We need to stand up and vote Yes on Question 1 in November.

Terrance McNally

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