I would like to add to the letter that appeared Sept. 15, “Work together to end the need for abortion” (Page A10). Here are a few more things we need to do:

• Promote chastity. If you don’t have sex, you will not get pregnant! Birth control devices are not 100 percent effective. Unfortunately, our culture has led many young people to believe that promiscuous sex is normal and that if you are still a virgin when you graduate from college, there must be something wrong with you.

• Stop throwing sex at our kids. How many movies depict man meets woman; man and woman have casual sex; man and woman part, never to see each other again after this loveless sexual encounter? Many kids are led to believe there is nothing wrong with this. We need to stop normalizing bad behavior! Clean up movies or make them inaccessible to kids under 18 years of age.

• Return to church, synagogue or mosque. It is in houses of worship that kids will learn moral values. Unfortunately, many sporting events are held on Sunday mornings and many parents give athletics priority over spirituality.

• Promote modesty in dress. I hope other readers can come up with more ideas.

Brent Maynard
York Beach

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