Thanks for the crosswalk help

To the editor,

I am a disabled senior who hobbles along Main Street in Kennebunk and most people know me because I have a little black cart, which I push because it not only holds all my stuff, but it also keeps me from falling down because I have TBI which is Traumatic Brain Injury and the name of that game is not to fall down. I am always telling tourists, or even locals, to be very careful about dodging into traffic because, quite frankly, during tourist season, drivers do not pay attention and could run you down and not look back.

I always walk within the crosswalks just to be extra careful and have rated the best three groups of drivers who always stop for me every time my cart and I step onto the pavement.

3.) The long haul or big rig drivers who have to break a long way off because I am only 5-foot tall and under 90 pounds, so I am a pretty small target.

2.) The Kennebunk town workers and now that we are getting into fall, the oil tank drivers, who always stop for me probably because I wave at these guys and gals all year long and they know me.

1.) The motorcycle drivers. These men and women always, and I mean always, stop for me no matter if there is one, or a dozen of them coming up to a crosswalk or just along an open stop. No matter where I am, they always ask if they can help me if I look like I am in need. These people are simply the best.

Kris Archer

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