William, a two-year-old who stays at Pearl Street on Fridays, loves to watch the Casella waste truck stop by every Friday. He has received a toy football from driver Dean Ferris, and the two have become acquainted. Catherine Bart photo


Dean Ferris (left) and William share a high five before Ferris departs. Catherine Bart photo

SCARBOROUGH — Two-year-old William on Higgins Beach in Scarborough has made friends with Dean Ferris, the Casella truck driver who drives through the boy’s street every Friday.

On Friday mornings, William is waiting outside on Pearl Street for Ferris’s truck, said the 2 year old’s nanny Anna Maenhout, .

While driving his route one day, Ferris gave William a toy football, Maenhout said. The next week, William gave Ferris a thank-you letter, and the two are now on a first-name basis.

Casella driver Dean Ferris and William play catch briefly with the football Ferris gave him. William loves watching Ferris come through the neighborhood. Catherine Bart photo

When Ferris’s truck travels through the neighborhood, William stops whatever he’s doing, even if he is playing out on Higgins Beach, Maenhout said.

Working 10 or 12 hour shifts can be hard, Ferris said, but seeing excited children helps to break up the day.

“They’re just fascinated with the truck, dogs, too,” he said. “I try real hard to remember everybody’s names.”

Ferris has been a driver with Casella for almost two years, he said. Besides giving gifts to kids, he will pass out dog treats to neighborhood pets.

“I know it’s important work,” he said.

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