The inaccurate and illogical commercials alleging that Ballot Question 1 will change the law show the desperation of CMP and its Canadian partner. The previous assertion – that the power line would bring jobs to Maine – was abandoned, probably because it was wrong-headed. At present Maine construction companies, large and small, have plenty of jobs to offer; they need workers. Bribing tradesmen away with higher pay for a short stint in the woods would be a big disservice to our state.

Yet there are powerful voices in favor of this project. Gov. Janet Mills – Mona Lisa Veto herself – supports it from the Blaine House. Her reasoning, however, is no more convincing than the superficial arguments supporting her vetoes of beneficial and thoroughly argued legislative bills.

If there is a good argument for any lasting benefit to Maine of this project, I don’t think we’ve heard it. I hope voters will do their research on this issue and think hard about it. That process should lead to a “Yes” vote on the people’s initiative to shut this thing down.

Paul Kalkstein

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