Mayor demonstrates concern for entire community

To the editor,

I would like to speak to the core values that I have seen our mayor and fellow councilor, Misha Pride, demonstrate. Councilor Pride demonstrates respect, of the individual, the family, community groups and the community as a whole.

As an attorney, he appreciates how the law upholds the rights of individuals, whether we are discussing city ordinances or whether is he is skillfully using Parliamentary Process to chair a council meeting that protects the rights of the public and council members.. His manner is calm, thoughtful and kind to all.

He has shown concern for the well-being of our city by testifying at legislative hearings on behalf of the rights of our citizens to clean air. He had recognized the risk and sacrifice of our first responders in his addresses. He has worked to achieve protect our environment, has demonstrated concern for racial justice, getting legal support for asylum seekers, finding homes for homeless and increasing afford housing.

As a parent, he supports positions to build a better future for all. I have seen Misha live and support the values of family, education, the economy, a diverse community and a community where people can live and work in a healthy environment.

Susan Henderson

South Portland

Candidate is ‘smart, kind, approachable’

To the editor,

Vote Margaret Brownlee for South Portland City Council on Nov. 2. Margaret is a lifelong Mainer who can bring a fresh perspective and a new voice to our city council. She’s a fierce advocate for inclusive education, equitable housing regulations and supports the One Climate Future plan. Her experience on the South Portland Human Rights Commission ensures she values equity and inclusion in all things.

Margaret is a smart, kind and approachable. She believes in accepting all people for who they are, where they are at, and what they have lived. She brings energy and enthusiasm for our great city to the table, and we’d be so lucky to have her represent us as the newest member of the South Portland City Council. Vote for Margaret.

Jessica Walker

South Portland

The need for discussion

To the editor,

I don’t always agree with Dick Matthews, but that’s OK – with both of us. When we disagree, we have a conversation, discuss why and consider the view of the other. While neither of us may change our mind, an important, thoughtful and respectful discussion will happen.

There is a need for balance – more than one way to see an issue. There is a need for agreement and disagreement. There is a need for critical thinking. There is a need for insightful questions. There is a need for a depth of understanding and an ability and willingness to challenge if necessary.

For these reasons, I am supporting Dick for the South Portland City Council. I don’t expect that Dick and I will always see an issue the same way, but what I do know is that he will be respectful, responsive and tolerant of all views, those who agree and those who disagree with his view.

He has demonstrated his ability to commit to a task, serving 12 years on the South Portland School Board and earning the respect of fellow board members and educational staff, both leaders and rank and file professional educators.

Join me in supporting Dick Matthews. He will not let you down.

Rosemarie De Angelis

South Portland

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