“The book on my bedside table right now is ‘Still Sideways’ by Devon Raney, a gifted father and athlete and who surfs and snowboards despite being blind. His memoir tells of his transition from normal vision to blindness after taking a serious fall while surfing. He talks about the challenges and triumphs he has experienced and reminisces on acts of selflessness from friends and strangers alike. As someone who was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma when I was only a couple months old, I’ve often wondered and worried if/when I will suffer the same descent into blindness as Devon. Being a father, a runner, a kayaker, reading about how he has overcome blindness has been meaningful to me and helped me appreciate that even seemingly insurmountable difficulties can be overcome with determination, dedication and a little grit.” — JAMIE BRENNAN, Peaks Island

Mainers, please email to tell us about the book on your bedside table right now. In a few sentences, describe the book and be sure to tell us what drew you to it. As the pandemic lingers, we want to hear what you are reading in these unsettled times and why. Send your selection to [email protected], and we may use it as a future Bedside Table.

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