Maine’s clean-energy sector is an important part of our all-of-the-above energy strategy, and further advancements will help reduce emissions, improve climate resiliency, spur innovation, and drive economic growth in communities across country.

Today, investing in clean energy doesn’t just support companies that exclusively work in the industry; it helps support businesses large and small across the spectrum of our economy – particularly in fields like construction, manufacturing, and research and development. Investing in modernized clean-energy technologies also supports long-lasting infrastructure, creates future-looking jobs, strengthens local businesses, and drives local economic investment.

Thankfully, Mainers have a leader in Congress looking out for our best interest. Sen. Susan Collins has led ample efforts over her time in Congress to support all industries and economies that form the heartbeat of Maine. From supporting local farmers through climate-smart solutions such as the Growing Climate Solutions Act to sponsoring the National Clean Energy Week federal resolution each year and passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act out of the Senate, she remains a strong advocate in Washington for bipartisan policies that make us stronger. Importantly, the bipartisan infrastructure bill would provide necessary funding for not only clean-energy innovations, but roads, bridges, broadband and so much more that helps both rural and urban communities in Maine.

While there is much progress to be made in Congress, I encourage Sen. Collins and other Maine leaders to keep up the good work.

Scott Strom

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